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The Ancient Sage Having Visions of Brahma

The Ancient Sage Having Visions of Brahma

Edited Sept. 29, 2017.

by  @Gordon Coombes .


The Ancient Sage tells of visions

of becoming Brahma

each moment a thousand years

each breath taken

breathing in light and clouds

breathing in sky sun moon and stars

breathing in swirling spiraling Galaxies-


our eyes devouring ancient forests

pyramids deserts cities

miles and miles of open road

swallowing form and chaos

becoming Alpha and Omega

becoming all things

feeding upon lakes streams rivers

oceans mountains valleys-


feeding upon history

feeding on Time

Past Present and Future

in each moment-


Brahma breathes

whole worlds come in and out

of existence

Brahma blinks his eyes

an eon a thousand years pass

Brahma blinks his eyes

a single moment passes-


sitting beneath the Bodhi tree

sitting upon the ground

sitting upon a red and gold cushion

becoming Buddha

becoming Brahma

sliding through Time

wieving moments together

becoming Vishnu-


Dreaming Walking up mountain paths

in the Himalayas carrying

my own bowl for begging feasting on rice

going from Temple to Temple

searching for my lost teacher

from my first incarnation

a hundred incarnations later

the landscape still the same

when Milarepa and the ancient sage

wandered this land-


He showed me in a vision

going from Nepal to Tibet

having walked the length of the Ganges

water flowing always the same

always different-


Sitting beneath a hundred Bodhi trees

and the sacred one

roots sunk into the earth

each telling a different tale

each telling the same tale

meditating at the source

having visions so clear

revealing it all

the images fading

drifting into the ether-


the Buddha or an angel

passing invisible in waves

through the high grass

sitting watching this

reaching down with one hand

touching the ground feeling a surge

of energy behind all of this

of the engines humming gently

roaring at the centre of the universe

sparks shooting out into space  -


Brahma dreaming creating imagined worlds

of the known and the unknowable

watching Shiva the destroyer

dancing towards us

swallowing a thousand galaxies

returning forever returning

til Brahma sleeping dreams once more-

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